SPORTea® Iced

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SPORTea® contains Vitamin C, electrolytes, Siberian Eleuthero root, ginger, mate, as well as decaffeinated green and black teas. It is delightfully citrusy and sweet but contains no sugar. It is a perfect no calories alternative to energy and sports drinks. This package contains 7 quart-size teabags.

SPORTea® is a delicious, high performance beverage formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary “athletic” drinks. SPORTea is bold and zippy with a sweet citrus flavor with a blend of premium imported teas that replenish trace minerals (electrolytes). This energy tea contains 100% of the US RDA of vitamin C. Other key ingredients include ginseng (natural energizer and helps build endurance), potassium (helps keep muscles from cramping), and ginger (helps circulation) chai mate (mental alertness). Drink our tea throughout the day. It is caffeine free and contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. SPORTea is all natural and contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.

A Hot Tea version is also available for purchase.

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