Ethiopia Guji, Kayon Mountain

$15.95 16 oz.

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We are happy to bring this natural processed coffee to you and we know you’ll appreciate it. The area Guji is located in is traditionally known for dry processing coffee. The quality of these coffees is incredible. The total production area in Guji is approximately 4,000 hectares and is farmed by around 2,300 farmers.

The quality is to be expected, as this coffee comes from an area that shares a border with the Zone that includes both Yirgacheffe and Sidama. Though it is near Yirgacheffe, the Guji’s flavor profile reminds us of sweet lemon candy, juicy peaches with notes of tea and some light floral qualities.

Altitude:  1900-2100 meters
Varieties: Typica
Process:  natural
Drying:  sun-dried on raised beds

Weight 16 oz
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