El Salvador Finca Los Bellotos

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A wonderful coffee from one of our friends, Maria Pacas. We enjoy our relationship with her and her family.

The Pacas family affectionately calls Finca San Joaquin “the farm of the morning sun,” due to its position on the northeast corner of the Llamatepeque volcano. The farm itself was named after the husband of Señora Santa Ana, the patron saint of the nearby city of Santa Ana.

The farm is named after the Bellotos trees that create a lush canopy of shade for the coffee trees. These trees are not native to the area and their beauty inspired the family to name the farm Lost Bellotos. The Pacas farm provides jobs for dozens of people year round. They have great working conditions, are paid well, and receive regular training to maintain the high quality that the Pacas name has come to represent.

Fragrance/Aroma: Vanilla, cocoa, creamy citrus
Flavor/Acidity/Body: citrusy, black tea, peachy

Location: Apaneca – Ilamatepeque
Altitude: 1430 – 1800 m
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: fully washed
Drying: patio dried

Weight 16 oz
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