Colombia Monserrate Micro Lot

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This lovely coffee is from a variety of farms in the community of Monserrate. We consider ourselves lucky to have visited and met so many of the community’s farmers and citizens. We’ve always considered ourselves lucky to travel to coffee-producing countries and this experience is no exception. Owner Bob Arceneaux traveled to Monserrate with Atlas Coffee Importers. While there, he was able to meet and visit with many farmers and their families. They truly care about their farms and the quality of coffee produced there. On each trip we’ve taken to Monserrate, we’ve been welcomed with open arms by the community and couldn’t have met nicer and finer people.

Please treat yourself to this coffee while you can. We have a limited amount and we know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Region:  Monserrate
Altitude:  1700-1800 m
Process:  fully washed at farm
Drying:  sun-dried on raised beds

Weight 16 oz
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