How to Use a French Press

French Press is a very good way to brew coffee. There are no filters to capture flavors, so the cup quality is very robust. It is normal to have some sediment in the bottom of your cup.

  1. Use Fresh Coffee.
  2. If possible, grind the coffee beans just prior to brewing. You want a fairly coarse grind to keep sediment to a minimum.
  3. We suggest 7 scoops of coffee for an 8 cup press. (75 grams).
  4. Fill pot with water to an inch from the top and wait 15 seconds. Stir gently until the foam turns an orange/brown. Place lid on press but don't press down just yet. This also will help retain heat. Wait 3 minutes, then press down gently and evenly until the coffee is compressed at the bottom. Pour and enjoy!

French Press style coffee is a very pure method of brewing coffee. It allows unrestricted contact between the coffee and water giving a very consistent extraction. Because you are using such a coarse grind, the brew time should be between 4 and 5 minutes. (use a timer).