Nicaragua El Recreo Estate

Location: Jinotega
Owners: Miriam and Hector Morales
Altitude: 1200+ meters
Varietal: shade grown Caturra
Rainforest Alliance certified

The El Recreo farm has a school that provides education for the children of the 30 permanent families on the farm. A health center provides care for workers and their children. In addition to ensuring access to medications and treatments, the clinic also teaches the importance of a healthy diet and work safety. Throughout the year, the School of Technical Training opens its doors to engineers, technicians and others to provide both agricultural and business administration training. The school offers short courses, seminars and advanced courses to educate the workers and to promote team work. Orleans Coffee is proud of our warm, long-time relationship with Miriam and Hector Morales.

Jinotega is one of the largest regions in the country and is located within an area called “The Coffee Triangle.” It is commonly known as “The City of the Clouds” because of its usually foggy and temperate weather.

This coffee has a sweet, nutty aroma and a nice fruity flavor with a clean, citrus finish.
$12.95 per lb.
Nicaragua El Recreo Estate