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African Red Rooibos Tea $6.75 per 4 oz.


This unique herbal tea is grown in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Its flavor is described as naturally sweet and slightly nutty, with a beautiful red color. more »

Chamomile Flowers Tea $5.70 per 1.5 oz.


The small flowers of this golden herb from Egypt. These blossoms have the aroma of apples and honey and taste delicious with a touch of honey as a sweetener. more »

Hibiscus Flowers Tea $8.85 per 4 oz.


A delightful, rich, fruity tea. Beautiful red color. Contains no caffeine. more »

Lemongrass $5.95 per 2.0 oz.


From Southeast Asia, it has a mild lemon flavor, a beautiful yellow color and no caffeine. more »

Peppermint Leaf Tea $5.25 per 1.8 oz.


Natural peppermint leaf tea. Cool and refreshing. more »

Spearmint Leaf Tea $8.55 per 1.8 oz.


Real spearmint leaf tea. Minty-sweet. Cool and refreshing. more »