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5/50 Club

5/50 Club $50.00


If you're inclined to purchase 6 pounds of coffee at least 6 times a year, this is THE PLAN for you! This will save you more than a few bucks! more »

AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker

AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker $31.95


Total immersion brewing results the ultimate in full coffee flavor. more »

AeroPress® Coffee Filter

AeroPress® Coffee Filter $4.50


Replacement Filters, 350 count. Let's just call it a 3-4 month supply if you use your AeroPress as often as you should. We love that thing! more »

Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper $22.00


Easy and great every time. Uses standard #4 Melitta filters. more »

Easy Steam Thermometer 5 inch

Easy Steam Thermometer 5 inch $12.50


Clip this baby on the side of your stainless steel milk frothing pitcher to make sure you're milk hits the right temperature. A "must have" item for the home barista. more »

Full Circle™ Equipment Wash

Full Circle™ Equipment Wash $21.95


Like all Full Circle™ products, Full Circle™ Coffee Equipment Wash is completely phosphate free, all ingredients are renewable, sustainable and naturally occurring, and every… more »

Full Circle™ Milk Wash

Full Circle™ Milk Wash $29.95


For use in cleaning steaming pitchers, creamers and carafes and the steam wand on your espresso machine. A superior dairy cleaner specifically formulated to break down milk… more »

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate $25.00


Let the coffee lover in your life choose the fine coffees they enjoy! Click for details. more »

Group Cleaning Brush

Group Cleaning Brush $10.95


This is a great tool for cleaning the group head on your espresso machine. Clean out excess espresso grounds that get left behind on the gasket or screen. A "must have" for the… more »

Hario Paper Filters for 02 Dripper

Hario Paper Filters for 02 Dripper $6.80


100 filters for the Hario Ceramic (or Plastic) Dripper. One of our favorite methods for brewing coffee at the roastery. more »

Hario Plastic V60 Dripper

Hario Plastic V60 Dripper $12.95


The defined ridges are spiraled to the top of the cone which allow the air to escape and the grounds to fully expand. The ridges allow for even brewing and proper air flow and… more »

Hario V60 #2 Filters

Hario V60 #2 Filters $7.95


Hario #2 filters more »

Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix $8.95


Fun fact: this is also rather delicious over ice! Our fresh shipment of our signature Orleans Coffee Hot Cocoa has arrived! more »

Melipone® Mexican Vanilla

Melipone® Mexican Vanilla $4.50


Melipone® Mexican Vanilla is an authentic seventy-five year old Mexican formulation that is made in New Orleans by Chef Reginald. more »

Packing Mat

Packing Mat $6.25


This packing mat provides a cushioned surface for packing portafilters as well as protecting counter tops from portafilter spouts. Tamper not included. more »

Rubber Backflush Disc

Rubber Backflush Disc $4.45


A "must have" for the home barista. For backflushing the group head on your home (or commercial) espresso machine. Backflush early and often to keep the group head gasket clean as… more »

Shot Pitcher, 3 oz.

Shot Pitcher, 3 oz. $7.25


This pitcher has everything you need with a handle and two pour spouts. Graduated marks read in ounces and milliliters for all your measuring needs. Ounces are marked at every… more »


Squeak'n-Clean $7.95


Essential cleaner for coffee pots, air pots and mugs. Non-Toxic and certified by the National Sanitary Foundation. more »

Tea Sac #1

Tea Sac #1 $7.95


For one cup. T-sac tea filters are single use paper filters used for brewing loose leaf tea. They are made from unbleached chlorine-free paper. These easy to fill bags have a… more »

Tea Sac #3

Tea Sac #3 $8.95


For 8 cups. T-sac tea filters are single use paper filters used for brewing loose leaf tea. They are made from unbleached chlorine-free paper. These easy to fill bags have a… more »

Toddy Cold Brew Gift Set

Toddy Cold Brew Gift Set $52.25


Make cold brewed coffee yourself and enjoy it at home! This package set includes a Toddy Cold Brew kit, which has everything you need to brew iced coffee, except the coffee, so… more »

Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System $34.95


Don't you love iced coffee? It's not cold coffee or hot coffee set out to cool. It's brewed fresh right in your own home (or office). more »

Toddy Glass Decanter (w/ Lid)

Toddy Glass Decanter (w/ Lid) $20.00


This is the class decanter that you will drain the iced coffee concentrate into. These decanters will break if you are not careful, or if your dog knocks it off the counter. Stuff… more »

Toddy Replacement Filter Discs (2 pack)

Toddy Replacement Filter Discs (2 pack) $3.95


Each disc is good for 12-20 batches of coffee, maybe more if cared for really well, but they will wear out. Gotta replace them sooner or later! more »

Toddy Rubber Stopper (2 pack)

Toddy Rubber Stopper (2 pack) $1.95


You know...that rubber thingy that plugs the hole in the bottom of your Toddy Iced Coffee Maker. You know you're going to need another one sooner or later. (Two per order) more »

Travel Mug

Travel Mug $13.95


Enjoy your coffee on the go in our (new) copper colored Orleans Coffee brushed stainless steel double wall, BPA free travel mug. 16 oz. It's a beauty! more »

Travel Mug Gift Set

Travel Mug Gift Set $24.50


Enjoy our Mocha Java Blend in our beautiful copper-colored Orleans Coffee brushed stainless steel, double wall, 16oz. more »