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Java Bromo $13.45 per lb.


Nice sweetness, clean, complex. Chocolate and nutty notes. Balanced cup with great aftertaste and low acidity. more »

Sumatra Decaf $14.95 per lb.


A great coffee from Indonesia. Soft, velvety flavor. Earthy and hearty. Soft acidity. Great coffee. Decaffeinated. more »

Sumatra Gayo 36 Elephants $13.45 per lb.


This particular coffee is a premium offering. Classic full body Sumatra, but "cleaner" and brighter than a typical "Mandheling" coffee. more »

Sumatra Gayoland / Organic Fair Trade $13.45 per lb.


This coffee's syrupy body and earthy, herbal flavors have inspired a large and loyal following. Certified organic and Fair Trade. more »

Sumatra Gayoland French Roast / Organic Fair Trade $13.95 per lb.


Back for a limited time! One of our best French roasts. A heavy weight champ. A great coffee from Indonesia. Earthy and hearty. more »