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Burundi Mpanga Kibenga $15.95 per lb.


Sweet, clean, rich, cranberry, creamy caramel body, complex, peach and brown sugar notes. more »

Ethiopia Harrar $9.50 per lb.


Save $1.50 this month! Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Some fruity, citrusy and herbal tones predominate. Medium to light acidity, full body. more »

Ethiopia Sidama Decaf $9.95 per lb.


Save $1.50 during this month! Floral tones and medium body make this decaf quite enjoyable. Decaffeinated more »

Ethiopia Sidama Nura Korate Fair Trade Organic $14.95 per lb.


The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) was founded in 2001 to represent coffee production cooperatives located throughout the Sidama Zone of Southern Ethiopia. As of… more »

Malawi Mzuzu $15.95 per lb.


We are pleased to offer this coffee from a cooperative that emphasizes and promotes gender equality in its community. It is buttery and creamy with notes of French vanilla and… more »