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Black Pearl Espresso / Organic Fair Trade $10.95 per lb.


Save 15% this month! This espresso is deep, full bodied with a delicate lingering aftertaste and notes of leather and citrus. Complex and well balanced; a Fair Trade, organically… more »

Espresso Crema $11.95 per lb.


Our European-style espresso has a thick, buttery crema. Full bodied & complex. more »

Espresso Decaf $12.50 per lb.


Decaffeinated version of our most popular Espresso. Velvety, smooth, full bodied. A blend of Decaf Central, South American and Indonesian coffees. Makes for a lovely and… more »

Espresso del Giorno $12.25 per lb.


Espresso del Giorno is our most popular Espresso Blend. A very complex blend of coffees from Central & South America, east Africa and Indonesia. Each coffee contributes to the… more »

Espresso Milano $12.25 per lb.


Our Espresso Milano is a light, northern Italian style espresso coffee. Bright with milk chocolate notes. Always a customer favorite. more »